Cancellation Policy

The flight tickets that are sold by us and the service fees levied on those bookings are completely non-refundable. If any changes to the itinerary are to be made as requested by customers, then it may not always be permitted, depending on the fare rules of the specific airline. Also, once the booking process has been completed for a purchase, any sort of name or date changes on the flight tickets or hotel reservations is not permissible. We do not provide any guarantee and cannot be held liable for any sort of bookings that were confirmed by a supplier after a change had been made in the original booking, at the customer’s request. In instances where the airline has permitted the customer to make cancellations, a credit for a future purchase of tickets may be valid for the same traveler with the same airline. The customer would have to use this credit within a specific time period, otherwise it will become invalid. Please be informed that there might be certain other restrictions and conditions in addition to the above- mentioned ones attached to the amount refunded.

Upon the acceptance of the cancellation by the airline or the supplier, the customer is to contact us immediately, by calling our toll free customer support number, to make the cancellation before the scheduled departure time of the flight or before the date of the reservation of a hotel. The rules and regulations pertaining to change, cancellation and refund are as follows-

  • There is no guarantee that the cancellation request made by you would be accepted. It would depend entirely on the airline’s (chosen by you) cancellation policy, and may differ from case to case.
  • A fare difference might be applicable, that is to be paid by the customer, in addition to the applicable charges levied by the airline as penalties, and other applicable post-ticketing fee levied by ViajarAlmundo when a customer makes any new booking using the airline credit that was provided to them by the airline.
  • The possibility of changes, cancellations and refunds that are requested by the customers are dependent on the specific airline's fare rules, policies and other relevant regulations. Hence, we are completely dependent on the third party suppliers for the processing of these kinds of requests to take place. The process for a cancellation and refund request can only be started once the supplier/s have approved for the same.
  • When an itinerary has flights that are from more than one airline, the rules and regulations pertaining to the cancellation and refund policies of each of those airlines would be applicable in the cancellation and refund process.
  • In case one of the flights out of the many in the reservation is cancelled or rescheduled by an airline, and it forces a customer to make changes to the other flight/s in his or her itinerary, then any of the fees or extra ticket costs that is charged for making changes to the unaffected flight/s is to be paid by the customer. When any changes are made or refund is process and provided to the customers, then the airline may charge a certain fee of its own. The customer is to keep him/herself updated with the current Terms and Conditions of each airline that they choose and is to make sure that he/she adheres to all the provisions of the same.
  • Most of the flight tickets, hotel reservations and service fees levied thereto are non-refundable after 24 hours of making the booking.
  • Please be informed that you can make the cancellation requests over the phone only, never through emails or web chats.
  • If the cancellation and refund request placed by a customer is in accordance with the concerned airline’s fare rules, only then would these requests be accepted by us. We would also accept such requests only if the customer is not a “No Show,” and only after such requests have been approved by the concerned supplier/s, and we are in a position to secure waivers from them. 
  • Even if a customer makes a refund request on our suggestion, it is not guaranteed that the customer will receive this refund. In case the permission for a refund has been granted, we do not provide any guarantee about the time that would require for the refund process to be completed, and for the customer to receive the refund amount.
  • The fare that’s chosen by you might change between the time of booking the ticket with us and the time when the actual ticket gets issued. In case there’s an increase in the fare, you will be informed immediately. You may then continue with the booking at the revised fare or choose to cancel the booking. If, by chance, there’s a decrease in the original fare, then you do not have the option of getting the fare difference from the airline. There might be times when a reservation gets cancelled in the time between making the booking and the time of its actual issuance. If such a situation arises, we will contact you and you will be informed about your options. 
  • In order for the flight ticket to get issued and delivered to your registered e-mail ID, you would need to make the full payment for the same. If any request for changes or cancellation of a confirmed ticket is made and the process for such types of request take place, then certain penalties would be charged by us, and by the airline/s as well.
  • In instances where the customer ends up being a “no show,” or the customer gives up a portion of the flight bookings and/or accommodation, the customer would not be eligible for any kind of refund or reimbursement.
  • A customer would not be eligible for any sort of refund on the date of departure of the flight and/or after a journey has already commenced.
  • The provisions that have been included in this Terms and Conditions document are severable. In instances where a provision seems invalid or unenforceable in any way, the provision would still be enforced to the fullest possible extent that’s permissible by the relevant laws. Such situations would not affect the validity and the enforceability of any of the other remaining provisions. In its sole discretion, without liability, ViajarAlmundo reserves the right to block or terminate the access of users and customers, to one part of the website or the whole website, with or without any prior notice, for any specific reason/s, whether disclosed or undisclosed, or for no specific reason at all.