Introduction ensures that our customers have trust on us and are acquainted with the manner in which we collect, use and divulge the information. With this detailed documented Privacy Policy, we aim to enunciate our practices to our esteemed customers pertaining to the information we gather via website or mobile website, the software applications that are run on mobile devices, and our other online portals, in every case possible, via which they may have access to this Privacy Policy. When customers give their personal information to us, they acknowledge and concede to adhere to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy. It is in the best interest of customer, however, that he / she must review the Privacy Policy prior to availing our services.

Take into consideration that this Privacy Policy is subject to change every now and again and is an integral part of the and hence incorporated herein for reference. Throughout this policy document, the capitalized terms which are used herein but not particularly defined shall hold the same reference as is related to such term in the Terms & Conditions draft. However, if a customer comes across any discrepancy between the documents of Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, in such event, the Privacy Policy will supersede strictly with respect to the content mentioned herein and not with respect to any other term, provision or clause as stated in the Terms & Conditions document.

When customers access our website, or make use of it for any purpose, they agree and consent to our methods of collection, storage, usage and divulgence of the Information in regard to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

As we keep improving, updating, and expanding our website, this Privacy Policy is subject to amendment at our sole discretion without any advance intimation. Hence, it is in the best interest of customers that they peruse this Privacy Policy before indulging in any purchase or usage, for customers are responsible to keep them posted with the changes made and they shall abide by the terms of the altered Privacy Policy, as and how it is put to effect time and again. When a customer access or use our website, it is deemed that she / he has perused, acknowledged and concurred all the provisions as mentioned herein in this Privacy Policy draft, which also incorporates all the alterations that we make time and again. This online Privacy Policy stands true only for information collected via our website and not the information collected through any offline means.


  • When a customer decides to register himself / herself as a member of our website, he/she must furnish his / her name, residential details, contact number, email address, login credentials, password, password validation and password hint to be able to remember the password.
  • When a customer has become a registered member with us, he/she can choose to complete his/her online profile by rendering us with the information, like travelling preferences, if he/she is a frequent traveler or affinity number, details of credit card, delivery address of paper ticket and if necessary, any other personal information. This information is utilized in helping customers speed up their reservation process without having them to type the same information again and again.
  • In the case when a customer is unable to keep his/her personal information safe owing to the security lapses caused because of the involvement of a third party, the website shall not be held accountable for the same. In such circumstance, the customer must immediately intimate us if he/she faces any unauthorized usage of his/her account by any other internet user or due to any kind of breach of security.
  • We, strictly following norms, do not authorize minors (as recognized per the laws of residence or jurisdiction) to register for, access, use or make purchases of our Products or Services available on Our Website. Courtesy of our ethical business practices, we do not deliberately collect any sort of Personal Information from minors, and if we discover that such-and-such information has been given by a minor, we shall not use it.


  • In order to allow customers avail our certain services, we obtain personal, non-personal and any other information and communication from them, as is defined below, which we deem necessary for achieving our stated purpose.
  • Personal Information: Personal Information is referred to all the information that is related to a particular individual or piece of information that helps identify an individual, including name, residence, email address, contact number, credit card details, name of the cardholder, card expiration date, information pertaining to travel, passengers, bookings, flier number or whether a frequent traveler, and any such details.

Note: In regard to the content shared by the customers via blogs, reviews, online chats or instant messages, forums, discussion boards, user testimonials, etc., we do not consider it Personal Information and shall not evaluate it as terms of our Privacy Policy. We, at no given time, will be held accountable for the validity or inaccuracy of any such content posted on the website by the customers. In case the content is found to be offensive, racist, discriminatory, defamatory or inappropriate in nature, we reserve the right to remove it from the website at our sole discretion.

Non-Personal Information: When customers pay visit on our Website, we may gather non-personal information, like domain and host through which they are browsing the internet, operating system, internet protocol address, type of browser, and internet service provider. Accumulating this kind of non personal information does not help in identifying the customer.

Mobile: When a customer accesses our Website via his/her mobile, we receive information about his/her location, mobile device used by him/her and a unique identifier number of the device as well. We collect this information to help customers with suggestions of using our services.

In case a customer just chooses to browse our Website and limit it to that, he/she is not required to furnish any Personal Information unless he/she decides to make a purchase or voluntarily signs up for our e-mail newsletters or other subscription services as mentioned ahead. Customers may also choose to visit our website anonymously.


We do not indulge in practices, such as selling, transferring, or otherwise trading your Information to outside parties. However, this does not include the third parties that support us in the functioning of this Website, carrying out our business, or rendering services to our customers. We reserve the right to divulge information of our customers when deemed fit and appropriate to do the same to adhere with the law, for enforcement of our Website policies, or to protect us or the rights, property or safety of others. We provide information of non-personal nature to other parties for the purpose of advertising, marketing, and other similar uses.

We process the pieces of information that are provided by the customers in different ways stated below:

  • a) To provide customize experience to our customers;
  • b) To process and fulfill the customers’ requests for our services and products;
  • c) We are authorized to divulge the personal information of our customers to the Company’s partners and/or other registered business partners as found appropriate in order to provide services and product;
  • d) In accordance with this Privacy Policy and the applicable law, the Company is authorized to access and process the information furnished by the customers;
  • e) To improve and make our services better;
  • f) To thrust the Terms & Conditions of this Privacy Policy;
  • g) To be able to contact the customers and customize our correspondence as well as sharing of the marketing material with our end consumers;
  • h) The piece of information furnished by our customers - be it public or private, shall be used to deliver the purchased product or service as requested by the customer and to analyze as well as suggest any other related product or service to them.
  • i) The mailing address which is provided by the customer for making purchases is used to send him/her information and updates related to his/her bought product or service as well as to keep him/her posted about the occasional updates about the company, its news, and information pertaining to similar products or services.
  • j) To refrain from any fraudulent practices as well as prohibited or illegal activities;
  • k) To safeguard the security and safety or integrity of our website, our business operations, services and customers;
  • l) To disseminate any of the reviews and testimonials our customers have posted on our website;
  • m) We are authorized to divulge the information of our customers, with sincere intentions, where we truly believe that the access, usage, preservation or divulgence of such information is necessary to

    (i) fulfill the requirements of any applicable law, legal procedure, regulation, or enforceable government request,

    (ii) implement applicable Terms, which includes investigation of potential violations,

    (iii) discern, prevent, or address issues related to security, fraud, or technical ones, or

    (iv) defend against anticipated harm directed towards the safety, rights, or property of the Company, its customers, or the general public as allowed by the law; and

  • n) In case of an audit, merger, sale, assignment, joint venture, transfer or other disposition of the whole or any part of our business, stock or assets (involving situations pertaining to any bankruptcy or similar scenarios) it may require us to share/ assign / transfer the Information collected by us to the trusted third party.


We are authorized to retain the information of our customer for our records for a minimum of two years post the deletion of his/her account with us. The use of such information shall be made in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


As a User of our website, a customer has the right to update or alter his/her Personal Information that he/she may have provided in his/her profile or make amendments in his/her username by signing in and accessing his/her account. In case where a customer decides to delete his/her account, he/she must acknowledge and concede the fact that it may be impossible to completely remove their account without any fraction of information being retained by the Website.

At any given time, a customer may choose to access, alter or delete his/her Personal Information or the services subscribed with us. Customers have easy access to their Personal Information, if they sign-in as a member on our Website and/or follow the links provided in our subscription mails.


We have established requisite security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, to maintain the accuracy of data, and to use the information in an appropriate manner. Our website is hosted in a secure server concealed by firewalls and advanced technology to keep unauthorized access from intruders at bay. All sorts of sensitive information that’s been provided to us is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into the database of the payment gateway, accessed only by those who have adequate authorization to these systems and will maintain the confidentiality of the information whatsoever. Rest assured none of your information related to payments or financial credentials will be saved on any of our servers. The aforementioned, however, will be subject to your concurrence with the conditions mentioned further:

Security of the account: Keeping the login credentials, such as user id and passwords, safe is the sole responsibility of the user and the company and its directors or shareholders or other representatives will not be held accountable in case of any damages incurred as a result of a breach of your account with us or your ability or inability on how to use the said account.

Security of the Credit Card: Third Party payment processors are utilized for the payments processed on our website and the terms & conditions and privacy policies related to payment processors fall under the jurisdiction of Third Party. The company and its directors or shareholders or representatives shall not be held accountable in case of any damages incurred as a result of the usage of the payment processors or your ability or inability to finish the payment procedure.

Security of Sensitive Information: Details of your Credit or Debit Card as well as Net Banking are not obtained by us but instead by the Payment Processor. In the event of any information getting saved on our website, rest assured that it stays absolutely safe with us and not shared with anyone. This information, however, may be shared with the third party alliances so that cash back, discounts and other similar offers you’ve right to avail can be processed.


Our website uses cookies to provide you with an optimum browsing experience.


Our website will need certain permissions and specific data to be accessed and utilized. Please take note of the detailed description of the same given below:

Permissions for Android

Device and website history: We will need permission to have access to the information stored on your device including but not limited to the OS (Operating System), network, device, model, device identifier, language preference, et al. Our sole intention behind the same is to leverage your booking experience based on the data accessed.

Identity: We will also require permission to get the details of the different accounts on your device to automatically fill the email address and offer you exclusive deals, offers and cash backs. This will also enable us access to Facebook as well as Google login.

Location: It will help us in automatically detecting your location to render you location specific deals and auto fill the nearest airport or city. In the case of International travel, it will give your time zone information to us.

SMS: Having access to your SMS will enable us to verify your mobile number and to auto-fill the OTP (One Time Password) required during transactions. It will save your extra efforts while making bookings.

Phone: Having access to the phone will enable us to perform direct calling through our app to airlines, hotels and / or other service providers.

Contacts: Having access to your contacts will open social features, like sharing the details of your hotel or flight with friends and family as well as sending invites and referrals to them. This information will be synchronized from your phone and saved on our servers.

Photos/Files/Media: Having access to these folders will enable us to save the data of map to your phone’s external storage, i.e. SD card. This means that your phone will not have to download the same map data again and again every time you access our app.

Wi-Fi Information: With the detection of your Wi-Fi Connection, we will be able to provide you additional details on maps, better quality of images and wide options of flights and packages to choose from.

Device ID: Post detection of the Android ID, we can uniquely identify users and it will provide us your contact details which we can use to auto-fill the specific fields.

Calendar: Your travelling plans with us will be saved on your device’s calendar as a reminder.

Permissions for iOS

Notifications: You will be notified about exclusive deals, promotional offers, and updates. If you choose to not opt for the notifications to be sent to your device, updates regarding PNR status, booking confirmations as well as refunds will be sent to you via text messages.

Contacts: Having access to your contacts will open social features, like sharing the details of your hotel or flight with friends and family as well as sending invites and referrals to them. This information will be synchronized from your phone and saved on our servers.

Location: It will help us in automatically detecting your location to render you location specific deals and auto fill the nearest airport or city. In the case of International travel, it will give your time zone information to us.


We may have connections with Third Party apps or/and websites that have their own set of defined privacy policies which are beyond our control. Once you exit from our website, any information furnished by you will be governed by the terms of the Third Party website you are on. Kindly contact the respective Third Party for information about their policies which may vary from ours.

No personal information of yours will be given to any third party website or advertisement servers without your permission.


Third Party service providers displaying advertisements on our website and/ or any other web page on our behalf may gather information related to your visiting, browsing and usage patterns on the said website. This information may be utilized to show you ads about related goods and services.

Pixel tag is a known standard technology used by most of the websites to collect such information. However, no identity related information is gathered in this process.


At the time of the registration, you will be provided with the option to receive emails about our services and products, updates, promotions, advertisements and deals that will cater to your interests. This will either be directly sent by us or by the Third Party service providers and may incorporate offers, promotions, exclusive deals, contests, varied travel opportunities as well as any sponsored content by our advertisers and service providers.


By furnishing us with your information and by accessing our website, you are giving us your assent to gather, store, access, process, transfer, use and share your information (including personal information) with Third Parties, registered vendors and/or service providers in compliance with the above mentioned Privacy Policy.


If you have got any queries in regard to this Privacy Policy, you can write to us at [email protected]. (insert email address)