Cookies Policy


This Cookie Policy (the “Cookie Policy”) is part of our Privacy Policy and discusses in length the various types of cookies that are used in association with our Website and Apps. All the terms that are depicted in capitalized terms are not defined herein and shall be understood in the light of the meanings established in our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

In simpler terms, a cookie is a small text file which a web server stores on our customer’s mobile device or computer when they browse our website. It helps the website to track and save their actions and preferences (details such as log-in, language, font size and other similar functions) over a time period, so that our customers do not have to keep feeding information every time they return to use the website or navigate from one page to another. It is also used for purposes such as analytics and marketing, for example, generating analytics with respect to website visits information, or retargeting visitors (such as featuring advertisements for such website on third party websites.)

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What types of cookies do we use and how do we use them?

We mostly employ 1st and 3rd party session and persistent cookies. The cookies we employ our called “1st party cookies” and those set up by our third-party partners and service provides are known as 3rd party cookies.

Session cookies are considered as temporary cookies that remain present on our customer’s device until they close their web browser. The purpose of these session cookies is to help our Websites and Apps work efficiently as they in turn assist our customers to browse through our Websites and Apps and use its features without any glitches. 

The purpose of the persistent cookies is to remain present on our customers devices for as long as they manually delete it (the duration of how long does the cookie remain on our customers’ devices is dependent on the lifetime of the specific cookie and their browser settings). The job of the persistent cookie is to assist us in recognizing the customer as an existing user of our Websites and Apps, so that it gets easy and convenient for them to return to our Websites and Apps or avail and interact with our Services without having to sign in again. Additionally, persistent cookies enable us to recognize our customers when they view a resource that belongs to our Websites and Apps at an another website or app (for example an advertisement) and this assists us in recording information about their web browsing activities and habits for the course of duration that the persistent cookie lasts. 

The categorization of the 1st and 3rd party session and persistent cookies can be made on the basis of their specific functionality. Please glance through the categories of cookies that we make use of (which may stem from a 1st party or 3rd party domain) along with the detailed description of their functions.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

The purpose of these cookies is to help our Websites and Apps to function properly and make sure that our Services is being accessed without any difficulty by our customers ( such as log-in functions, load balancing, navigation, form filling)

Performance and Functional Cookies

The purpose of these cookies is to help us get an insight into the metrics regarding visit count, ranging from most to least popular pages, and traffic sources so that we can use the information gathered and optimize the performance of our Websites and Apps.

On the other hand, functional cookies assist our Websites and Apps to provide improved and enhanced features or settings to customers based on their previous visits experience and selections, such as preferences related to language, remembering log-in details and other similar conveniences.

Advertising Cookies

The purpose of these cookies is to make sure that we only display relevant advertisements on our Website, Apps and on other sites to our customers. These cookies also enable to create and analyze how effective our marketing campaigns have been, restrict the number of times customers get to see an advertisement, and to evaluate if the advertisement is displayed properly or not.

Analytics and Personalization Cookies

Cookies of the analytics and personalization kind give us permission to evaluate the usage and access to our websites and apps by you so that we can customize our services according to you. For example - data with regards to your booking and purchasing patterns and history, like searches made earlier, so that we can assist you in providing relevant travel choices and offers for you based on your preferences of traveling.

Social Media Cookies

Social media cookies are applied so that you have allowance to share or like the content and pages on our website and apps through other third party social media platforms. 

How to control cookies?

In a nutshell, we incorporate 1st party and 3rd party cookies to bring to you advertisements, emails and other content that appears to be of relevance to you. In order to achieve that, sometimes the data about your usage patterns are shared by us with 3rd party providers of analytics and advertising. They also share information back with us in the form of reports to show us how effective we are and make updates accordingly. The information about your usage of our websites and apps are also collected to improvise and customize your user experience, and/or also provide perks like the member only feature and/or memorizing your account log in details. 

Moreover, other advertisement providers also give a chance to opt out of targeted advertising or behavioral advertisements - for more details you can check and Deleting all the cookies already in your system/computer is also an option and you may also set your browsers to prevent them from being placed. However, if this is done, manually making adjustments to your preferences every time you are on our website or apps will need to be done by you, because some services and features may not work.