About San Juan

The capital city of Puerto Rico, San Juan is the place where the contemporary Caribbean has a rendezvous with quaint old-world charm. While the Old San Juan takes you back to the incredible colonial times, the new San Juan has kept its pace with the time without a fail. The city offers the best of both worlds and makes for one of the sought-after vacation destinations across whole Puerto Rico. San Juan is brimming with attractions galore which apparently may share similar aesthetic vibes but each one of them has a distinct personality and aura. 

For exploring the old part of the city, you’d need a nice and comfortable pair of shoes to stride through the cobblestoned streets on which homes sporting vivid colors welcome you. Picturesque waterfronts, epoch-making forts, intriguing museums, finest restaurants, enchanting plazas, lots of festivities, and plenty of shopping opportunities are sure to enhance your experience of the city like anything. 

When it comes to the new San Juan, expect nothing but endless amenities and sources of entertainment. The area is dotted with scenic tropical beaches, second to none hotels, top-class dining scenes, and enthralling nightlife. Isn’t it high time for you to board a flight to San Juan and get your jollies? Well, of course it is. Fuerte San Felipe del Morro, Castillo de San Cristóbal, San Juan Cemetery, San Juan Cathedral, Condado and Ocean Park Beach, and Museum of Puerto Rican Art are a few of the must-see spots.