Lock My Fare

Under the Lock My Fare program, you get to lock a flight fare today and pay for it only if your plan is confirmed. In case the fare increases during this time, you would still need to pay only the locked fare. This convenient option allows you to put your flight reservation on hold, without having to pay anything immediately. You can then proceed to make the payment within 24 Hours of putting your flight reservation on hold (or locking down the fare)

For your next trip, book your flights with Viajaralmundo.com and get to put your flight reservation on hold for as little as US$5.


Flexibility of Payment
Book now, pay later. Using this program gives you more time to plan your trip after securing flight/s on your preferred travel dates.

Get reminders. You can put your flight fare on hold and relax. You will be informed by us in advance when your fare lock is about to expire.

Best Fare Ensured
Get the best fares. If, during the time that the fare/reservation was put on hold, the fare for that same flight/seat decreases, then you will be provided with the new revised and reduced fare.

How does it works?
All you need to do is choose the "Lock My Fare" option (on the payment page) while making the reservations. Then you can make the payment within 24 hours by calling our customer support executives at +1-865-245-0520 or by sending us an email at [email protected].


  • Q: Why do I need Lock My Fare and what is the benefit of using Lock My Fare Program?

    A: Lock My Fare service is available exclusively to Viajaralmundo.com customers. It addresses a major issue faced by customers, that is: whether to book now or wait a little longer?
    Imagine, for instance: If you make your bookings now and your travel plans change later, then you would have to pay the airline cancelation/amendment fees. At the same time, if you choose to wait to book your flight till your travel plans get finalized, then the flight fare will certainly increase.
    So here, the benefit of using Lock My Fare Program is that you get more time to decide whether to book the flight or not without worrying about an increase in the flight fare.

  • Q: How does Lock My Fare work?

    A: Viajaralmundo.com offers Lock My Fare only on certain flights, which can be selected by the customer on the listing page. A fee of US$5 is levied on Lock My Fare program and upon choosing it, the fare would be put on hold for you for up to 24 hrs. By using this program, you get enough time to confirm your travel plans and make the flight bookings accordingly, without having to wait to book a flight and risk an increase in the flight fare.

  • Q: Is Lock My fare offered for every airline?

    A: Lock My fare option is available for bookings made with most airlines. However, this program is not available for low cost airlines such as Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Allegiant Air.

  • Q: How can I Lock My fare for an itinerary?

    A: While booking a flight on our website, you can select the option of Lock My Fare (if it’s available for your flight), in the listing page.

  • Q: How is the availability of Lock My Fare option decided?

    A: The availability of Lock My Fare is decided on the basis of the airline chosen by you and the number of days that’s left for the departure of your chosen flight/s. Ex. if you want to book a flight 3-4 days in advance, then you may not be able to find the Lock My Fare option on the listing page.

  • Q: How many bookings can I hold?

    A: There is a limit to the number of bookings that can be held by a customer. This limit is a part of Viajaralmundo.com policy and is subject to change.

  • Q: How can I change my flights after choosing the Lock My Fare option?

    A: When you book a flight by using the Lock My Fare option, it cannot be changed until you have made your payment and confirmed the booking. You may also cancel your Lock My Fare booking and choose new flights if your travel plans change. However, you would need to choose the Lock My Fare option for the new flight/s as well. Please be informed that Lock My Fare may not be available on the new flight/s chosen by you.

  • Q: How can I cancel my Lock My Fare booking?

    A: If you've already chosen Lock My Fare option for your flight reservation, then you may cancel the reservation from My Bookings without any penalty. You can also email us at [email protected] or call us at: +1-865-245-0520 to cancel your booking. Please be informed that the US$5 levied by us on Lock My Fare is non-refundable.

  • Q: What happens if I do not purchase my ticket before Lock My Fare hold period expires?

    A: If you do not make the purchase and confirm your flight booking before your Lock My fare period expires, then your flight reservation will be cancelled automatically. If you would still like to travel and make reservations with us, then simply return to Viajaralmundo.com to create a new reservation.

  • Q: How can I make the payment against Lock My Fare booking?

    A: Ways of making payment against your Lock My Fare booking:

    Email – Once the Lock My fare booking is completed successfully, you will get a confirmation email from us. Please reply on that email with your confirmation number that you would like to make the payment for Lock My Fare booking and consequently, confirm the reservation. Our Customer Care Executive will call you and verify your payment details and issue your flight ticket.

    Call our Customer Care Number– Please call our toll free number – +1-865-245-0520 and place your request to make the payment for the flight ticket by stating your confirmation number sent to you by us.

Terms & Conditions

  • Lock My Fare is a program that allows our customers to keep their flight booking at a specific fare on hold. The customer can make the full payment for the booking within 24 hours of putting the fare on hold. A fee of US$5 would be levied on the booking/s that uses Lock My Fare program. Please note that this fee of US$5 is non-refundable.
  • The availability of the Lock My Fare option is subject to the fulfillment of certain terms and conditions which are governed by Viajaralmundo.com and certain airlines’ rules and regulations.
  • A booking with the same passenger name and same flight/itinerary is not allowed to be held twice, even if a different user or a different customer is trying to hold it.
  • The fare at which a customer’s booking was held is subject to availability. An airline reserves the right to cancel the booking or withdraw the fare before the hold period expires.
  • Viajaralmundo.com reserves the right to provide Lock My Fare users with promotional offers or points. We also have the right to monitor and temporarily suspend the Lock My Fare option, in case we face any issue with the program.