About Silver Airways (3M) Reservation

Founded in the year 2011, Silver Airways is a U.S.A. based airline which has its headquarters at Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport in Broward County of Florida. The air carrier is owned by Versa Capital Management, LLC. About 100 scheduled flights are operated between Florida and the Bahamas on a daily basis. Orlando International Airport serves as a maintenance facility for the airline. Silver Airways boasts a modern and state of the art fleet of 27 aircraft which transports scores of passengers to 18 destinations across the globe. If a vacay in the Bahamas has been on your mind since long time, then book your Silver Airways tickets, for no other air carrier covers more routes to the Bahamas from Florida.  

Passengers flying via Silver Airways flights are permitted to bring one carry-on bag as well as one personal item with them in the cabin of the aircraft. The personal item must be able to fit under the passenger seat or in the overhead compartment.

Checked Baggage
In regard to the Checked Baggage, each piece of luggage should have weight less than 50 pounds and its linear dimensions must be at most 62 inches in order to be sent in the hold of the aircraft. It should be noted that each piece of in-hold baggage is chargeable.