About Swiss International Air Lines (LX) Reservation

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), commonly known as Swiss Air Lines, is the flag carrier of Switzerland. It serves more than 100 destinations across 44 countries throughout the world. The airline transports about 18 million passengers each year thanks to its huge fleet of 90 aircraft. Zurich Airport serves as the main hub of the airline whilst Geneva Airport is its focus city. Swiss takes pride in being a part of the Lufthansa Group and one of the members of esteemed Star Alliance. The airline leaves no stone unturned to provide quality air travel to passengers. Book your Swiss Air Lines tickets and see for yourself.

Each passenger traveling in Swiss International Air Lines flight is entitled to carry hand luggage with them in the cabin of the aircraft. Economy Class passengers can bring 1 piece while Business and First Class passengers can carry 2 pieces with them. Each piece of cabin baggage must adhere to the weight and size restrictions, which are maximum 18 lbs and 22 x 16 x 9 inches respectively. Passengers are also permitted to bring a personal item on board, the dimensions of which cannot exceed 16 x 12 x 4 inches.

Checked Baggage
Pertaining to the Checked Baggage, Economy Class passengers can send 1 piece of luggage weighing at most 51 lbs, Business Class passengers can send 2 pieces with each weighing not more than 71 lbs and First Class passengers can send 3 pieces with each having maximum weight of 71 lbs into the hold of the aircraft. No check-in piece can exceed the linear dimensions of 62 inches.