About Winair (WM) Reservation

Winair, also known as Windward Islands Airways International N.V., is a regional airline based out of Sint Maarten. Incepted in 1961, the air carrier has been providing efficient and safe air travel to passengers since more than 55 years now. Owing to its fleet of 14 aircraft, the air carrier flies to 16 destinations across the world. It has its headquarters based in Princess Juliana International Airport, which also serves as the chief operating hub of the airline.        


The airline allows all its passengers to bring one standard piece of carry-on as well as one personal article with them in the cabin of the aircraft as long as the hand luggage fulfills the requirements in relation to weight and size. The weight of the carry-on piece must not be more than 6 lbs on Twin-otter aircraft and 15 lbs on bigger airplanes. It should carry adequate dimensions to fit under the passenger seat.     

When it comes to the Checked Baggage, all passengers with Winair flight tickets are permitted to check one piece into the hold of the aircraft as free baggage allowance. It must not weigh more than 50 pounds and its linear dimensions must be less than 62 inches in order to be accepted.