About Chicago

Chicago is unique in its demeanor and much of the credit can be given to its innovative-sky- piercing buildings that dot the city. Meandering between the high rises visitors can make their way to some of the best museums where millions of artifacts take people back into the time and right into the future at the same time. Moving ahead, there are art galleries where the fascinating classic and contemporary works of the local and international artists evoke awe in an instant. Then there is food from where there is no turning back.

Restaurants dish out some of the best flavors and binging is the only way out. With a satisfied palate, head out to explore the many neighborhoods that have a distinct charm all their own. The multicultural face of the city comes alive with every turn you take into these historically and artistically diverse neighborhoods.

Topping all the experiences, however, shall be the time you’d spend by the Lake Michigan. The lakeside parks, trails and beaches are the areas where all the fun goes down. Also, it is the best place to socialize with the amiable locals who come here for their evening walks.

Chicago has many attractions that are worth exploring; the best of them however, are Millennium Park, Willis Tower, Navy Pier, The Art Institute of Chicago, Shedd Aquarium, and Grant Park. So, book a flight to Chicago and have a great time vacationing in the city.