About Detroit

Also known as the ‘Motor City,’ it’s no surprise that the ties of Detroit with the automobile industry date back to as early as the 20th century. The city takes pride in serving as home to two notable pioneers of the automotive domain, namely Ransom Olds and Henry Ford. Speaking of which, Henry Ford Museum in the city catches the fancy of a myriad of car lovers. The museum is brimming with ample exhibits related to the intriguing world of motorcars. Even if you’re not much of a fan of Tin Lizzie, a tour of Ford Rogue Factory is something you shouldn’t miss for the world. Manufacturing Innovation Theater, Legacy Gallery, Ford Assembly Plant Walking Tour, Observation Deck Tour, and Legacy Theater are more than enough to pique your curiosity in wheels.

Detroit may not come across as a usual destination where you’d like to vacation but be rest assured that the largest city of Michigan sure knows its way around globetrotters and welcomes plenty of them on annual basis. Thanks to a lot of family-friendly attractions, the majority of bookings of flight tickets to Detroit include the ones with kin. Detroit Zoo, perched between Royal Oak and Huntington Woods, is your go-to place to meet and greet rare species of fauna. Children love to visit places like these. Lakes of the city also make for a great spot to unwind, especially in the summertime. Lake St. Clair is particularly popular among tourists where they get to enjoy activities, such as swimming, picnicking, people watching, riding bikes, taking strolls, and fishing.