About Edmonton

Sitting pretty beside the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton is where serenity greets you first and its urban energy pulsates right in the middle of the wilderness. The usual city appeal is complete with the sky reaching buildings, bustling markets and dining options. And, its unkempt natural beauty stands just an hour away at Elk Island National Park that introduces you to the wildlife. To learn about the history of the city, a visit to the Fort Edmonton Park, a living history museum is a great place to begin.

The historical sculptures and the costumed characters detail out the past quite brilliantly. The city is cheerful and goes out all the way to celebrate the festivals year round. So, chances are you will be able to witness the grand celebrations Edmonton prides itself on.

Turning attention of visitors from far and wide is its reputation of being a foodie’s paradise. Each year, new restaurants spring up to cater to the varied taste buds of people.  The nightlife of the city is laudable as well. Bars and clubs every night remain packed to the hilt with people having a good time dancing and drinking.

The attractions that make Edmonton unmissable are Royal Alberta Museum, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, Muttart Conservatory, Alberta Legislature Building, Art Gallery of Alberta, and Edmonton Valley Zoo. So, book a flight to Edmonton and simply have fun.