About Port Au Prince

Sitting pretty on the Gulf of Gonâve, Port Au Prince is the esteemed capital city of Haiti to which hundreds and thousands of people make their way to explore its tropical landscapes, vivid buildings, and the much-talked-about voodoo culture. The city is brimming with lots of intriguing sightseeing spots that no matter how long your duration of stay is, you will not find it enough. Whether you’re up for a tour of the downtown area to stumble upon boutiques and museums or to devour a lip-smacking meal at the immensely popular local restaurant, or all set to bury yourself in a book while sipping your cup of Joe at one of the quaint cafes; feel free to indulge in whatever tickles your fancy. Port Au Prince offers a lot of opportunities to travelers to get their jollies. There’s no need for you to sit and ponder over things to do in the city; let limitless possibilities sweep over you as you travel the length and breadth of Port Au Prince. 

Hit the flea market of Marché de Fer and shop till you drop. The market is flooded with ironwork, artwork, voodoo dolls, and beaded flags. Going forward Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien deserves to be your next stopover. You can learn a thing or two about Haitian revolutionaries, the local traditions, and the culture at this renowned museum. Looking to spend some time outdoors? Head straight to Étang Saumâtre! It is the largest lake across Haiti where you can relish nature, unwind and make the most of your me-time. What are you waiting for? Book your flight tickets to Port Au Prince and let it sweep you off your feet.