About San Francisco

San Francisco’s weather alone is enough to impress travelers. One moment sunny and the other foggy, the city’s charm is only accentuated with the hide-and-seek game the weather pulls off throughout the day. Just when the fog lifts off, the city presents its natural beauty that is complete with manmade wonders.

Sauntering through its length and breadth, visitors are taken by the gigantic gorgeousness of the rolling hills that stand far in sight and the nearby high rises that speak of excellent innovation. Amidst all this is the cultural diversity of the city that plays its cards quite well in the cuisines served across the restaurants. With experimental chefs using their craft to prepare delicacies never tasted before, every foodie is bound to experience food coma.

The city also has it’s A game running when it comes to shopping. Right from flea markets to high end stores, splurging is the only way to go about in the “City by the Bay.”Its nightlife is seemingly as colorful and mixed as its vibe. Every neighborhood rolls out a night of revelry that comes packed with people wanting to just chill by the end of the day.

San Francisco is a sought after destination because of its incredible attractions and the ones you should definitely explore are Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman's Wharf, PIER 39, Union Square, and Palace of Fine Arts. So, without a fail, book a flight to San Francisco and say hello to good times.