About Tijuana

Colorful, vibrant, exciting and all things fun — that’s Tijuana in a nutshell. Located in the state of Baja California, Tijuana is still a much underrated destination amongst international travelers. The only reason being that people are not aware just how amazing a vacation in Tijuana can be.

Along with a number of attractions, the city offers delectable food, beautiful vistas and pieces of greenery that make you feel close to Mother Nature. It also has a number of souvenir shops where you can find great items to take back home as memorabilia from your trip or as gifts. What’s more? Beaches and nightclubs. That’s what! Need we say more? If a perfect beach vacation along with a place to dance the night away is what you’re looking for, then book a flight to Tijuana today.         

The city has a number of attractions that you’ll find interesting and hence, needs to be in your to-visit list. Some of the most popular spots are Playas de Tijuana, Avenida Revolución, Tijuana Cultural Center, Mercado Hidalgo, Albercas water park Vergel, The Trompo Interactive Museum Tijuana, Parque Morelos, Parque Teniente Guerrero, Tijuana Wax Museum, Parque de la Amistad and Catedral Metropolitana de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.